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Preparing for power outages: The virtues of inverters

January 17th, 2014 by
Have gadgets that need to sip delicious energy from a deep-cycle battery? Let the 1000W Cobra Power Inverter help quench that thirst.

Have gadgets that need to sip delicious energy from a deep-cycle battery? Let the 1000W Cobra Power Inverter help quench that thirst.

Severe storms have a bad habit of knocking out power to neighborhoods, sometimes for days at a time. Just ask folks in North Texas, Washington, D.C., and other areas after recent ice storms. You can prepare for this possibility with a backup generator or its quieter cousin, the power inverter, from Interstate Batteries and Interstate All Battery Center.

Power inverters convert the DC power from a battery source to AC power like you have in your home. With an inverter, you can use a deep-cycle battery or your car’s battery to provide emergency power for your refrigerator, television and other household necessities. Many inverters have USB ports built-in so you can recharge your cellphone while you wait for the lights to come back on.

In addition to providing emergency backup power during power outages, inverters are great for:

  • Camping
  • Tailgating
  • Charging portable devices

Different inverters are designed for different uses. Larger inverters can power hair dryers, electric blankets, televisions and refrigerators, while smaller inverters excel at powering devices like cellphones, laptops, desk lamps and small fans.

Before you purchase an inverter, get an idea of what you want to power. Each inverter comes with a wattage rating. The more watts you need to use (televisions and refrigerators use more watts than cellphones), the higher the wattage rating you should look for.

Interstate All Battery Center has several power inverters to choose from, and the friendly experts at your local store can help you identify the perfect inverter for your needs. Find a store near you today.

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Alice Scofield
Alice Scofield

Found the "commercial" God's Love through Zonation! Thanks, Zonation. Thanks Interstate Batteries

Brian Cook
Brian Cook

Im gonna have to visit your website and find out if you have the equipment to build up a solar power system, with quite a few batteries, inverters and the like. Keep up conservative values, and you'll get a lot of my business.


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