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Interstate Ed and the Giant Battery

February 5th, 2014 by
There's no mistaking Interstate Batteries of Southwest Chicago for any other kind of business.

There’s no mistaking Interstate Batteries of Southwest Chicago for any other kind of business.

Ed Sterling, better known as Interstate Ed, shows his Interstate Batteries colors every day. He outfitted his workplace to appear as a battery and painted the building with none other than Interstate green.

Ed quickly found happiness working 
at Interstate. He seized an opportunity to take over Interstate Batteries of Southwest Chicago after years  as a route sales manager, and his passion for his profession only grew stronger as time progressed. His devotion to the Interstate family puts a smile on his face.

Six months later, he finished a major project paid for out of his pocket. His distributorship had the perfect green, black, red and white paint scheme topped with eight-foot tall posts to create the “battery building.” Located near the main road, he frequently gets compliments from the community.

“As far as advertising, I couldn’t get any better than that!” Ed said.

His reason for the one-of-a-kind building is simple: “I’ve always been proud of what Interstate’s done to me both spiritually and overall in my life. This creation is simply to promote the company that has cared for me from day one. Showing the colors of Interstate is showing the world what a great company we are.”


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Kathy Kelley Davidson
Kathy Kelley Davidson

Proud to know him and call him my friend. Awesome job "Interstate Ed"!!! \U0001f618

Nicky Gocuan
Nicky Gocuan

Congratulations Ed. It looks really great and while it was from your own pocket it will definitely help grow your business. Advertising works!!!

Ron Zehr
Ron Zehr

That looks good Interstate Ed! I'm proud of you!

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