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Angling for a Deep-cycle Jump-Start

March 27th, 2014 by

Before you head out on your next fishing trip, make sure your batteries are ready.

Minnesota resident Eli Ricke knows a little ingenuity coupled with an Outrageously Dependable® deep-cycle marine battery can mean the difference between driving or walking 20 miles. Eli took a new Interstate® battery for his fishing boat off the beaten path, about an hour’s drive from his home in Bagley, Minn., and fished until noon before going to shore for lunch.

“The spot I was fishing had an underwater point and the wind would drift me over the top. Once I passed it, I would put the trolling motor in reverse and troll back about 100 yards and repeat the process,” he said. “The fishing was OK but not great.”

Putting the battery to work

After lunch, Eli opted for a tactic that worked his marine battery a little harder than usual.

“I put on a crankbait and trolled it, using my trolling motor, for about two straight hours. I have a Minn Kota with 55 pounds of thrust and was on setting three in forward the whole time. I did quite well in the afternoon,” he said. About 3 p.m., he wrapped up his fishing excursion to head home.

“I walked up to my truck, put the key in the ignition and turned it and nothing, not even a click,” he said. He realized he had left the truck’s headlights on all day. With no cellphone reception, Eli had to decide if he was going to walk home or sleep in his truck since it would be dark soon. Then his ingenuity intervened.

Crank it back up

He first thought of swapping the truck battery with the marine battery, but he didn’t have tools in his truck. Then he spotted jumper cables under the back seat.

“Lo and behold, not only did it turn the engine over, it was almost as if the battery in the truck was fully charged. It had to turn the crank over three or four times to start and it did it without even hesitating,” he said. “That battery is worth every penny.”

Find an Interstate Batteries marine/RV dealer or Interstate All Battery Center store near you, and gear up for a successful fishing season!

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