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Interstate Batteries Takes Stage at InformaticaWorld

May 29th, 2014 by
Interstate Batteries Team Members Hayley Horn and Mark Fowler at InformaticaWorld 2014.

Interstate Batteries Team Members Hayley Horn and Mark Fowler at InformaticaWorld 2014.

When the organizers of the InformaticaWorld 2014 Conference in Las Vegas were looking for ambassadors from companies that are successfully championing Business and IT together to drive strategy through actionable data, they didn’t have to look any further than Interstate Batteries Team Members Hayley Horn and Mark Fowler.

Hayley, Data Quality Analyst and Mark, Business Intelligence Analyst, were invited to the conference’s main stage to share with an audience of hundreds (from companies as diverse and acclaimed as Deloitte, Cisco and Dell to name only a few), some of the successes, challenges and resulting business value that these two distinctively different business entities can create when partnered effectively.

Informatica is Interstate’s Master Data Management (MDM) solution, and they were pleased to have Hayley and Mark explain how combining these systems and processes can seem “at odds” with each other, but if innovative and  managed properly will result in distinct market advantages.

Way to go, and congratulations Hayley and Mark!

Want to join a company that’s putting innovative solutions like this to work? Check out our latest career opportunities at Interstate Batteries.

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