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The Power of Relationships: Friends from the Start

May 28th, 2014 by

Fourth in an occasional series on The Power of Relationships. Previous stories

Interstate Batteries of Victoria and UnitedAg.

Interstate Batteries of Victoria and United Ag.

Doug Ondrias, a manager at United Ag, one of South Texas‘ biggest farm cooperatives, first met Interstate Batteries Distributor Calvin Simpson when he was a teenage Route Sales Manager working for his dad, Randy Trotter.

“We were raised in a town about 50 miles apart, and I remember Calvin, getting his start and learning the business from delivery and up,” Doug said.

They help each other out beyond the business of batteries. Whether it’s a pallet of bug spray during the mosquito season or a hand with customer service, Calvin will help Doug out with whatever he needs.

When one of Doug’s customers drove in with a dead battery with no warranty, IBS of Victoria gave credit to United Ag that Doug passed on to his customer. The two businesses have grown together in this neighborly way for 29 years.

“I didn’t know it was going to last that long,” Randy said about setting up the farmer cooperative. “I really remember it being more of ‘enjoy it while it lasts.’ And we were really good friends right off the start.”

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