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Batteries That Outlive The Truck

June 4th, 2014 by
Bret's batteries lasted 13 years, and may have lasted longer had he not gotten in a wreck with his 2001 pickup.

Bret’s batteries lasted 13 years, and may have lasted longer had he not gotten in a wreck with his 2001 pickup.

When a truck lasts longer than a decade, people call it dependable.

When the batteries last even longer than the truck, it’s called Outrageously Dependable®.

Interstate Batteries fan Bret wrote in, thanking us for the batteries that outlasted his vehicle.

“I am so impressed with your product. I owned a 2001 Dodge Ram diesel pickup, and the Interstate batteries that came with the truck lasted until April 1, 2014, when I was unfortunately involved in an auto accident that totaled my truck,” Bret said.

For 13 years, Bret commuted in his white Dodge, which uses two batteries, and occasionally towed a boat and fifth wheel. When Bret’s friends couldn’t believe he still had the original battery, all he had to do is pop the hood and show the date. Even when he lived in northeast California, where the winters could get as cold as 20 degrees below zero, this battery kept on going – up until the day the truck couldn’t.

“When one of my friends found out that the truck was totaled, he asked if I took the batteries out,” Bret said, adding that the only maintenance he did was the occasional charging. “I’m sad that I will never get to know how long they would have lasted. I would like to thank your company for putting out a high-quality product.”

Bret replaced his totaled pickup with a 2006 Dodge Ram.

“Sadly, it has some cheap-looking batteries that are corroding the terminals,” he said.

We know where you can replace those, Bret.

Do you have a story about the Outrageously Dependable® service you’ve received from an Interstate Batteries Dealer, Distributor or Route Manager? Has one of our products gone beyond your expectations? Share your story with us. Write us by mail or on our Facebook page.

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