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Bringing Jag Back to Life

June 11th, 2014 by

You went way "above and beyond," said Scott Abram.

The magical thing about batteries is the life they seem to give inanimate objects.

For the team at Interstate All Battery Center in Euless, Texas, bringing one customer’s Jaguar back to life took a little more than a battery. It took teamwork.

The Abrams' adventure started with a fast, free battery test, which saved them from being stranded somewhere with a dead battery.

The Abrams’ adventure started with a fast, free battery test, which saved them from being stranded somewhere with a dead battery.

After a battery test warned the battery would go out soon, Texas residents Scott and Pam Abram got a new battery for their Jaguar – and discovered one of the car’s features had reset in the process. Namely, the parking brake. Even if it turned on, the Jag wasn’t quite back to life.

Interstate’s Sales Associate Tayla Bausley and Retail Business Consultant Scott Sikes got to work studying the vehicle’s manual and disengaging the parking brake.

In a thank you note, Pam Abram wrote, “Your willingness to hang in there and solve the problem meant so much to me.”

“The car would have to be towed and no doubt the repair would be very expensive,” Scott Abram wrote in his own thank you note. “You went way ‘Above and Beyond’ for us, and we greatly appreciate your kindness.”

The couple so appreciated Tayla and Scott that they came by the store a second time – this time to express their thanks in person. They gave Tayla and Scott a $100 gift card and celebrated their level of customer service.

Happily ever afters belong in battery tales too, thanks to Scott and Tayla.

“I know it is all too common to hear only from customers when they have a complaint,” said Pam Abram. “But you ensured that my battery story had a very happy ending.”

Do you have a story about the Outrageously Dependable® service you’ve received from an Interstate All Battery Center? Has one of our products gone beyond your expectations? Share your story with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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