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Broken Glass, Mended Heart

September 24th, 2014 by

Romance Novelist Waxes Poetic After Interstate All Battery Center Fixes Her Phone

Shattered Connections: A friendly stranger comes to her  rescue

Romance novelist and busy multi-tasking mom Kristina Knight probably relies on her phone more than most of us.

“I do everything on my phone,” she said. “(I) talk and text, obviously, but I also use a Dragon app to dictate notes and chapters for my books while I’m waiting in the school pick-up line.”

Even though Kristina had dropped her phone several times before with no consequence, one day was about to go from a typical Tuesday to a ‘terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.’ She dropped her phone, causing what she feared was a fatal blow.

Cue panic. A call to her cellphone provider revealed she was not eligible for a new phone and a replacement would be over $500. Cue pain. Then she was referred to Interstate All Battery Center in Sandusky, Ohio, for phone screen repair.

Cue Ryan.

“I called in a bit of a panic because … I was desperate for a better solution,” Kristina wrote on her blog. “Ryan was incredibly helpful and calm; he said they had one screen left and told me how long it would take (30ish minutes, nice!). He said he would keep the screen for me and I left right away.”

Even though Kristina knew everything in her phone was backed up to the cloud, book deadlines don’t wait for accidents. The phone held sentimental value for her too, she said.

“It was on this phone that my agent called to tell me I sold to Harlequin SuperRomance.”

As promised, Ryan had Kristina reading and editing that day with all her photos, information, emails, networks and dictations intact. Cue relief.

“Before this I had no clue that there were businesses who replaced cracked/shattered screens, especially not battery stores,” Kristina said. “I thought they literally only carried batteries. I’m grateful to the workers at the phone store for cluing me in. My family will definitely keep Interstate Batteries on our call list – we have motor scooters and other fun things that need batteries from time to time. We are definitely fans!”

Ryan is a wonderful example of team members living our purpose at Interstate Batteries “to enrich lives,” even when opportunities present themselves in the most unlikely ways.

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