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Outrageously Dependable Customer Service: Jeremy Casey

September 10th, 2014 by

At Interstate Batteries, we care about making powerful connections whether it’s hooking a battery to your starter or delivering some of the most memorable customer service experiences you’ve ever had.

Interstate All Battery Center's Jeremy Casey is making his mark in the Orlando area.

Interstate All Battery Center’s Jeremy Casey is making his mark in the Orlando area.

Enter Store Associate Jeremy Casey from the Interstate All Battery Center® in Oviedo, Fla. This customer service powerhouse is making his mark in the Orlando area.

 Overpowering That Run-down Feeling

The ingredients for a bad mood can range widely, from battery trouble to hungry, whining children. Any errand that combines both is a recipe for grumpy.

When Oveido resident Denise Eaton arrived at the Interstate All Battery Center, she was already in a rough mood from three tired tykes and a car battery giving her sass.

Fortunately, Jeremy was on the case, treating Denise’s battery troubles while improving her down day. He came out with a pleasant attitude, using “yes, ma’am,” “no, ma’am,” and being generally kind and funny to turn her own frown upside-down.

Denise called Interstate’s customer service to say how impressed she was with Jeremy’s upbeat attitude and kindness. She’s told all her friends, and now her family goes to Interstate All Battery Center for all their battery needs.

She even tried to tip Jeremy for his help, and like a gentlemen, Jeremy said they don’t take tips for just doing their job. That’s a true servant’s heart.


Power of a Cheerful Helper

People know and trust Interstate Batteries – especially when they’re in a tough spot. That’s how Jeremy became a hero to Oveido resident Tammy Walker.

Tammy had just finished refueling when her car wouldn’t start. The late Friday afternoon meant most places that would help her were closing – and the rain wasn’t helping matters. That’s when she saw a young man stepping out of the gas station in an Interstate All Battery Center shirt.

Even though the Interstate All Battery Center had already closed, Jeremy was ready to lend a hand. He came over and lifted the hood up. Tammy said he was polite, kind, and funny when talking to her, using a characteristic “yes, ma’am” and “no, ma’am.” He tightened the loose negative cable and cleaned the corrosion off. Then he started the car right up.

Taking extra precautions, Jeremy asked Tammy to bring her car to the Interstate All Battery Center in the next day so he could test it and be sure the battery was good. Sure enough, the battery tests indicated everything was fine.

Tammy called Interstate’s customer service to share her experience, saying that what really impressed her was that he wouldn’t take any money for his efforts. Even her husband had asked if Jeremy tried to sell something. Tammy said he didn’t even try.

Instead, with a combo of servant’s heart and excellence, Jeremy won their loyalty. Tammy said they will be dedicated customers from now on.

Power to Serve

Everyone’s story is different. The constant in these two is how Jeremy consistently enriches lives as he delivers the most trustworthy source of power to the world.

In case you haven’t heard, that’s our purpose. And Jeremy is one shining example of team members living it out in your communities.

That’s why Jeremy recently received a special recognition for living out Interstate’s purpose and values.

“Thank you for all the appreciation that I have received. I am very grateful,” Jeremy said. “I feel very blessed.”

Actually, Jeremy, thank you.

By Youssef Sleiman (70 Posts)

Youssef Sleiman writes and reports the powerful news at Interstate Batteries.

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