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Interstate Batteries Voted Overall Best in Auto Battery Market

December 10th, 2014 by


Frost & Sullivan has recognized Interstate Batteries, Inc. with the 2014 United States Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Leadership.

Every year since 2007, at least 50 percent of automotive technicians have chosen Interstate Batteries as the overall best brand, while the nearest competitor has never been granted the top ranking by more than 12 percent of the technicians.

Another finding: 93 percent of technicians whose shops primarily install Interstate Batteries’ products rate Interstate Batteries as the top brand.

“While quality and maintenance appear to be the backbone of Interstate Batteries’ success, the company’s belief system also plays a major role in its success,” said Frost & Sullivan Global Director, Tonya Fowler. “For instance, Interstate Batteries recycles more batteries than it sells, helping the environment support future generations of automotive battery consumers.”

The high level of ownership has given Interstate Batteries a strong reputation among auto technicians. Even technicians who don’t work in shops that install Interstate Batteries regard the products highly – so much so that 19 percent of those who don’t primarily install Interstate Batteries selected them as the overall best.

About Frost & Sullivan 

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that has demonstrated product and implementation excellence to increase market share – recognizing vision alignment, process design and operational efficiency, as well as the technological sophistication and favorable culture within the company. It also lauds the value, reliability and quality of the product/service and its relevance to the needs of the industry in terms of value and design.

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