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Mower Christmas Miracles

December 23rd, 2014 by

Santa Claus delivers lawn & garden batteries? Who knew?

The Interstate Batteries system just pulled off a customer service miracle for a U.S. serviceman trying to get his dad the only thing he wanted for Christmas: a new lawn & garden battery.

In early December, Ben Rohweder, a Vector Control Specialist stationed at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, wrote to Interstate customer service about ordering a lawn mower battery. He didn’t realize the shipping restrictions on lead-acid batteries – but that’s only the start of his problems.

Interstate Batteries SP-35R lawn & garden battery

The Interstate SP-35R lawn & garden battery.

“Two problems, the closest dealer to my house is more than 30 miles away and a little over 6,500 miles from my current work location,” Ben wrote to Interstate. “I need this as a Christmas gift for my father. Amazingly, a lawn mower battery is all he has asked for Christmas.”

Customer service specialist Dawn Dumar set to work, finding the Distributor who served the area where Ben’s father lived and coordinating a battery delivery and pick up. She reached Distributor Todd Cook at Interstate Batteries of Southwestern Florida.

“I spoke with you yesterday regarding one of our servicemen whose dad lives in Lake Placid, Fla.,” Dawn wrote. “He’s trying to purchase an SP-35R for his dad for Christmas, and since he’s in Afghanistan, it’s a little difficult!”

Todd delivered the battery with instructions for its pickup, and “Also, let the serviceman know there is no charge, and please thank him for his service on behalf of IB of Southwestern Florida.”

By Dec. 10, Ben’s family had picked up the Christmas gift battery.

“All I can really think is just thank you! Thank you to you and Todd. This really means so much to me and I know that I will make my father happy for Christmas,” Ben wrote in a thank-you note to Dawn.

With a little extra effort, the Customer Service group and Interstate Distributor helped turn a hard-luck Christmas shopping experience into a holiday miracle.

And that’s what enriching lives is all about.

By Youssef Sleiman (70 Posts)

Youssef Sleiman writes and reports the powerful news at Interstate Batteries.

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