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The 12 Days of Christmas Gadgets

December 22nd, 2014 by

Interstate Batteries offers 12 great Christmas gift ideas

You know the old song, “12 Days of Christmas?” We thought it might be a bit outdated and unbalanced. Think about it: 12 drummers, but only 11 pipers? And with the seven swans, six geese, four calling birds, three hens, two doves and a partridge… well, that’s a lot of birds. And a lot of mess to clean up.

Merry Christmas from Interstate BatteriesAt Interstate Batteries, we thought it was high time to update the classic Christmas carol, so we asked our communications intern Madison to write something up about batteries and gadgets. We figured with all the great Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers available at our online store and at Interstate All Battery Center locations, what could go wrong?

We may regret that decision after her caffeine-fueled essay.

Check it out: The All-Electronic 12 Days of Christmas

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