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His first battery lasted 12 years. He had an easy choice for his next one.

January 14th, 2015 by
John Lisica's battery lasted 12 years in his Dodge Ram.

John Lisica’s battery lasted 12 years in his Dodge Ram.

When it comes to cars and trucks, we’re always surprised at what can go wrong: ignition coils, pinion bearings, undersized cup holders.

For Albuquerque resident John Lisica, the big surprise was what’s worked really well.

His battery lasted 12 years in Albuquerque's extreme temperatures. Click To Tweet

In 1995, John bought his brand new Dodge Ram 1500 pickup. When it was time to replace the original battery, his local mechanic recommended an MT-27 from Interstate Batteries.

John gave it a try. After all, how long can a replacement battery last? Try 12 years. Talk about dependable.

John was so impressed that his battery could withstand Albuquerque’s extreme temperatures that he only wanted an Interstate to replace it. Besides, he has more to do in the next 12 years than think about finding a new truck battery.

Cars and trucks may not always be reliable. It’s good to know their batteries can be.

His first battery lasted 12 years. He had an easy choice for his next one. Click To Tweet

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