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Jeff Payne Likes Us. You’ll Love Why.

March 3rd, 2015 by

Everyone’s got a story.

When your story gets people to care, those people turn into your customers. For your business, likability transforms a ho-hum transaction into a fan-making meeting.

That’s what happened when business and marketing strategist Jeff Payne met Reid Fogelson, manager of the Interstate All Battery Center store in Georgetown, Texas.

He asked me how my day was going and before I knew it he had me engaged and we were sharing stories like we were old friends.

I learned he was an ex-Marine and that he loved working at Interstate Batteries because of the values and difference the company makes to its employees and the customers they serve.

Reid was sharing a brand story. He could have just pointed me to the battery section, but he got me to care.

Get the full story from Jeff Payne on his blog, and discover the power of good brand storytelling.

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What’s your Interstate Batteries story?

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By Youssef Sleiman (70 Posts)

Youssef Sleiman writes and reports the powerful news at Interstate Batteries.

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