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Battery Bowl 2015: New Games, New Champs, New Vision

May 6th, 2015 by
Interstate Batteries CEO Scott Miller takes a selfie with the Battery Bowl crowd.

Interstate Batteries CEO Scott Miller takes a selfie with the Battery Bowl crowd.

More than 700 Dallas team members hit the field Friday, May 1, for Battery Bowl 2015, a day when Interstate Batteries team members unify and bond over ladder golf, chicken plunging and winning.

This year’s Battery Bowl featured another unifying moment.

Scott Miller unveiled the Interstate Batteries vision for 2020, complete with unfurling banners, Mount Awesomeness props and an impressive aerial flyover. Check it out:

As Scott explained at Battery Bowl, Mount Awesomeness is about making Interstate Batteries the first choice in sustainable battery solutions for every community we serve.

Game Time

Possum kicking, fruit bocce ball and other favorites made a comeback along with two new challenges. Awesome Toss ’Em, a bean bag toss game with fuzzy widdle critters, tested everyone’s soft pitch abilities. And Bull’s-eye Buckets, a points-based replacement for water balloon volleyball, checked teams’ skills at hitting distant targets.

Beating out the defending champions, Team No. 1 (aka the True Bloods) won the sought-after mountain goat mantle.

Here are our winners: Chande McDermid (All Battery), Shelley Hargrave (Talent Group), Ani Edohoukwa (Marketing), Dusty Russell (Supply Chain), Jim Whisenhunt (IT), James Washington (PowerCare), Beyne Bewketu (Finance) and Adam Reed (Talent Group).
They’re donating the $5,000 winnings to Union Gospel Mission! Way to go, team!

Enjoy these additional memories from Battery Bowl 2015:

And if this makes you want to be part of the Interstate Batteries team, we’d love to have you! Check out our current job openings.

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