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Can Electric Cars Power On?

May 22nd, 2015 by

Electric car

Although fully electric car sales have increased significantly in the last couple of years, they still make up only almost 120,000 of the 16.5 million cars sold in the U.S.

Despite the hype of their “greenness” and value, they still have some major challenges to overcome: price, range and convenience. Currently, the most affordable model on the market is priced around $40,000 with a destination range of 60-80 miles. Many people travel farther than that during their daily commute.

If you make it to work, where would you charge your car? Most customers aren’t ready to trade the ease of finding a gas station (they’re called convenience stores for a reason) with finding a charging station — and then waiting for half an hour.

That’s not to say electric cars won’t eventually become more mainstream. They’re just not there yet. Meanwhile, other technologies like hybrid and semi-hybrid vehicles (also known as start-stop) are likely to become bigger players.

Cars are becoming more fuel-efficient, and the future is bright for alternatives to the traditional internal-combustion-engine-only vehicle.   But when it comes to the electric car, consumers are still waiting for the green light.

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