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Interstate Batteries Team Members Show Servant’s Heart

October 21st, 2015 by

September 23 – October 14 marked Interstate Batteries‘ annual Volunteer Month at the Home Office in Dallas, where Team Members took time out of their work days to serve community organizations.

North Texas Food Bank

North Texas Food Bank logoOn Sept. 23, two Interstate groups, sporting their snappy gray Created to Serve T-shirts, boarded buses for the North Texas Food Bank.

The morning shift was presented with a few service options and combined forces with a couple of other companies that also were volunteering. One project was breaking down large bags of onions into more manageable family-sized 5-pound bags.

Interstate Batteries Team Member Keith Herod thrives on the aroma of onions.

Interstate Batteries Team Member Keith Herod thrives on the aroma of onions.

Typically, a four-hour shift sorting onions would be considered a mighty tearful event, but not for team member Keith Herod. Apparently, he thrives on the aroma of onions!

The afternoon volunteers formed an assembly line boxing single family meals. At the end of their shift, they had produced four pallets of meal boxes stacked high. More than 300 boxes packed with nutritious food items will provide 5,490 meals to local families in need.

Both groups said it was a great volunteer experience, and everyone left with their Servant’s Hearts brimming with Fun, Team and lots of Love.

Buckner Center

Bickner CenterAt the Buckner Center on Sept. 29, volunteers found themselves elbows deep into sorting and tagging shoes for children and adults in need through Shoes for Orphan Souls®. Many of the kids who receive shoes will now be allowed to attend school for the first time. And the illnesses and diseases avoided when children are no longer barefoot is significant, thanks to this organization.

Brother Bill’s Helping Hand

Brother Bill's Helping hand logoBrother Bill’s Helping Hand allowed TMs to get in touch with their Servant’s Hearts and take a trip down memory lane (that is, if you ever worked in a grocery store). On Oct. 7, Team Members were busy stocking, bagging and carrying out groceries for clients in need.

Volunteers got to interact directly with customers in Brother Bill’s Grocery store – stocking the shelves, assisting shoppers, bagging up orders and enjoying each other’s company during the process. Interstaters were surprised to see a fully functional clinic, staffed by local doctors who volunteer their time. The clinic at Brother Bill’s provides a range of services from well-woman visits to parenting classes.


The final volunteer opportunity was the Reach4Hope bike assembly on Oct. 14, where Team Members assembled 89 bicycles for students at the organization’s Homework Center. David Reach4Hope Homework CenterTyler single-handedly fixed eight bikes that arrived broken and would have been returned at additional cost, if not for his epic wrench-wrangling and torque-tightening skillset.

The team also put together toiletry kits, including soap, toothbrushes, bandages and hand sanitizers for backpacks.

A big, warm thanks goes out to all who participated this year. Check out the video above on all the events and see those Servant’s Hearts beating proud.

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