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Why driving can’t bring back a dead battery

December 11th, 2015 by

Here's your alternator - no chargeThe battery starts the car. The alternator charges the battery. So if I have a weak battery, the alternator should recharge it fully if I drive around long enough.

It sounds perfectly logical, right? Too bad it’s totally wrong.

Mostly Dead vs. All Dead


True, the alternator can give a dose of electricity to a weak battery. But weak batteries are only slightly alive.

If heat or severe discharging has damaged the battery, it may have lost the capacity to start a car more than a few times, no matter how much power the alternator gives it.

That’s why you can jump-start a car, drive it, park for a few hours (or longer in warm temperatures) and start the engine from a weak battery – only to have to jump-start it again.

Alternator’s Too Busy

Auto shop technicians who have replaced an alternator might recognize this warning printed on the part’s box: “The alternator isn’t designed to charge a dead battery. Premature alternator failure can occur and may void your warranty.”

That’s because the alternator is running all the other onboard electronics.

To fully recharge a dead 12-volt battery, you’d have to drive about 2,000 miles faster than 70 mph without using the radio, AC or headlights.

And then you’d have to buy an alternator.

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The ED-18 to the Rescue

The Interstate Batteries ED-18 Battery Analyzer

The Interstate Batteries ED-18 Battery Analyzer tells your battery’s state of health within seconds.

Battery damage is hard to diagnose without the Interstate Batteries ED-18 Battery and Electrical System Analyzer. It’s even harder if the alternator is the actual problem.

Good thing the Interstate ED-18 can test the starting and charging system. Step-by-step prompts help auto techs provide you the right service the first time around.

Find an Interstate Batteries Dealer near you and ask for a battery test with the ED-18. You’ll be glad you did.

Have fun storming the castle.

By Youssef Sleiman (70 Posts)

Youssef Sleiman writes and reports the powerful news at Interstate Batteries.

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