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Do you have formal training programs for specific jobs?

What are your employee recognition programs?  

How do you find new employees?  

What is your company’s culture?  

Why do you advise people to apply on your web site?

What are the opportunities for career advancement?  

Do you offer an internship or co-op program?  

How many employees work for Interstate Batteries?

I am interested in working at Interstate Batteries. How do I submit a résumé?

If a job is posted at this web site, does this mean it is still open?

Can I fax my resume?

What will happen to my resume?

Will you confirm that you received my resume?

How will I know the status of my resume, once I’ve submitted it for consideration?

How often do you update your job listing?

Why should you work for Interstate Batteries, you ask?

Do you have formal training programs for specific jobs?   While we do not have defined training programs for all of our positions, all of our full-time team members have access to training through our CBT program and other web or workshop based training that relate to positions/jobs within the company. We also provide broad company exposure, leadership development, and opportunities to increase skills and perspective, and prepare team members for future opportunities within the company.

What are your employee recognition programs?   Team members are recognized for their contributions in various ways. Our EGAD celebrates many milestones for our team members; those who have been with the company 10, 15, 20+ years as well as, those who have gone up and above expectations to add value to the company, their peers, and the community (local, national and international). There are many successes that every employee benefits from but the unique culture of our company is evident in our staff’s recognition of each other – team members can recommend a peer for “Employee of the Year”. We do not have conventional employee recognition programs but we have many creative ways to ensure that our team members can celebrate each others achievements.

How do you find new employees?   Our recruiting process at Interstate Batteries include posting our jobs on our web site (, as well as various major job boards such as,, specific occupational sites, etc. We also have a very comprehensive employee referral program. We rarely use newspaper or other print advertising for our hiring needs.

What is your company’s culture? “Interstate Batteries’ workplace culture is instrumental to the business success we enjoy. At Interstate Batteries we care about each team member and their family. It’s clear that problems at home have a negative impact on workplace production. Knowing that a healthy balance between home and work is important, we look for ways to help team members find success in both areas.

Understanding that life can be difficult, we offer a counseling program where we send team members and/or their family members to a professional counselor and Interstate pays 80% for each visit. One team member who uses this benefit said that the program is a big reason why he desires to stay at Interstate.

Each year we also partner with an organization called Family Life which hosts a weekend marriage conference in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. For team members who wish to attend, Interstate will cover 50% of the registration fee and 50% of the hotel cost. The feedback has been wonderful and has helped strengthen marriages. One team member reported that the conference saved his marriage.

We also care about the kids of our team members. In the summer we offer several camps for kids to attend and Interstate pays half of the camp fee for each child. One year we had a single mom who could not afford her half and we paid 100% since she had a teenage son causing problems in the home. She said later that the camp was life changing for her son and helped bring stability to the home.

Our culture includes caring about families and it has had a huge impact on the stability in the home and the workplace. People like working at places where companies care about more than just the bottom line. It’s easy to talk about caring for others, but at Interstate Batteries, we put words into action and the results are powerful.”

Why do you advise people to apply on your web site?  We recommend that job seekers apply to our web site because it provides immediate access to their resumes and contact information.

What are the opportunities for career advancement?   Each department manager is responsible for identifying the internal talent within his department and to provide promotional opportunities for those individuals. Historically, we have filled 30%-40% of our open positions with internal candidates. Team members are encouraged to apply for any internal position; inter-departmental as well as across department moves have occurred. Open positions are posted via email to all team members so that they can apply for the position or refer someone.

Do you offer an internship or co-op program?   We are currently working on putting in place a formal internship program.

How many employees work for Interstate Batteries? We currently have  about 1500 employees (More than 500 are located at our Corporate Office and Plano Road locations).

I am interested in working at Interstate Batteries. How do I submit a resume? We encourage prospective job seekers to response to postings listed on our web site ( Please follow the submittal instructions associated with each posting. Alternatively, in the absence of a posting, you may submit your credential without assigning it to a designated position as general interest.

We strongly prefer that you submit electronically. Interstate Batteries has an ATS (Applicant Tacking System) and will attempt to match your resume with the specific job of choice or with other opportunities that may match your qualifications.

Using this web site: Interstate Batteries Career Center To easily submit your resume for review and consideration. After creating your profile, you can update your record and maintain the most current information in our database.

If a job is posted at this web site, does this mean it is still open?
Yes. If a position is listed on our web site it generally means the position has not yet been filled.

Can I fax my resume? We prefer you submit your resume electronically. However, depending on the position and the recruiter; a fax number may be given as an alternate source for you to submit your resume.

What will happen to my resume?  Your resume will be added to our ATS, which will allow us to identify you as a potential talent when searching the system for a particular match to a current job opening. The Recruiters continually search the database for resumes that most closely match our current job opportunities. So whether you are interested in a specific position, or you simply want to be considered for any positions that may match your background, your resume will be reviewed at some point.

Will you confirm that you received my resume?  Our system does not have an automatic reply feature. We will respond to submittals as they are selected for the recruiting process.

How will I know the status of my resume, once I’ve submitted it for consideration?  Due to the volume of resumes received on a daily basis, we do not personally contact everyone who sends a resume of the status. Should there be an interest in pursuing you for a particular opening, you may receive a call or email to schedule a phone or in-person interview. We will generally update you, if the position has been filled.

How often do you update your job listing?  Our open jobs listing on our web site is updated as positions open and close; this is ongoing.

Why should you work for Interstate Batteries, you ask? Interstate Batteries is a company that has continued to evolve and has strong values in place that differentiates us in the market place.  Our environment is energized and supported by cutting edge technology. Here are some other reasons to work here:

  1. Our Purpose: To glorify God and enrich lives as we deliver the most trustworthy source of power to the world.
  2. Our Business Approach; offer the best quality product supported by the best quality customer service
  3. Our Unique Culture: Dedicated, hardworking, fun-loving, family oriented, encouraged work-life balance, and much more
  4. Community Citizens: Interstate plays a key-role in giving back to the community. We are involved in local, national and international outreach programs, sponsor various local events, participate in mission trips to Africa and Russia, and also provides subsidies summer camp cost for team members, and much more
  5. Compensation: Annual performance and merit reviews, bonus opportunities, internal transfers and promotion opportunities, team member recognition awards, and challenging and interest work/projects
  6. Excellent Company Benefits: Health benefits, vacation, holiday pay, summer flex schedules, tuition reimbursement, training and development opportunities, life insurance, wellness program, etc.
  7. Fun Opportunities: Mr. Ticket; drawings for free tickets to professional sporting & other events (Mavericks, Rangers, Cowboys, Stars, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, etc.). Battery discounts (1 free automotive battery annually); Family Day; EGAD (Employee Gathering & Appreciation Day), which is an off-site event where the office closes for the day – we receive information on business and industry reports, informed about goals and new initiatives, as well as enjoy fun and games, and receive prizes and awards

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