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Mega-Tron® Mows through Millennium Decade

August 8th, 2012 by

Webb Rowan says his Mega-Tron battery lasted 11 years in his tractor.

Interstate Batteries® fan Webb Rowan mows a lot of lawn.

In the summer, he trims 5 acres with a Massey Ferguson tractor every week. Since December 2001, one battery’s powered it all: a Mega-Tron® from Interstate.

“My 60-month battery only lasted 11 years, which I thought was really, really good,” he said.

Never had a jump, never charged – the Mega-Tron weathered 11 years in Florida’s climate, only covered on three sides. He keeps the grass short for a pair of recreational horses he owns, and the battery regularly gets the most use in the summers. Webb said the heat can get up as high as 100 degrees, and winter can drop the temperatures to 20 degrees.

Despite the climate extremes, the 2001 Mega-Tron only started to show its age in its last three months, definitely outperforming the factory battery. He bought his 1996 Massey Ferguson 240 when it was brand new, and the battery lasted about five years.

The tractor, Webb said, could have an exceptional alternator, yet when it came time to replace the battery, he went for his second Interstate.

Thanks, Webb! We’ll save you another tractor battery for 2023.

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