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Entrepreneur-Turned-Fan: 3 Things Interstate Does Right

June 9th, 2015 by
Don Purdum

Don Purdum

Ever been so wowed by a business that you felt you needed to share your experience with the world?

On June 8, entrepreneur Don Purdum wrote a blog post titled “7 Reasons Businesses Are Wildly Successful in Online Marketing,” on his website Unveil the Web. In it, he wrote about his experience at an Interstate All Battery Center in Lancaster, Pa., run by franchisee Grant Brown.

Don was having trouble with his car starting, so he took it up to the Interstate All Battery Center for a new battery. Don, a longtime Interstate customer, described Grant as “not only friendly, but extremely helpful.”

Before long, Grant and Don were having a good conversation about online marketing, and how it’s not only about prospects, customers and cash.

Here are three principles Don says that Interstate Batteries does well.

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“They intimately know their business and their customers.”

Interstate team members know how dependable Interstate’s batteries are, and they understand that replacing a battery that doesn’t last is extremely frustrating.

Don says that Interstate is not in the business of selling batteries, rather “they are in the business of making life more enjoyable for those who use batteries to power their cars, laptops, phones, wireless devices, toys and more.” This wouldn’t be possible without the knowledge of what makes customers happy, and that’s an Outrageously Dependable® battery.

“They understand networking.”

Don describes networking as learning about a few potential partners and finding ways to help them grow their business. Interstate did this with Carriage-Lite, an Amish-owned business, by providing them with batteries for the LED lights on their carriages.

Another example? Interstate partnered with Second Chances Garage in Frederick, Md., a garage that gives refurbished cars to those in need.

Check out the story here.

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“They understand that learning is the key to growth and success.”

Interstate wouldn’t be where it is without knowing all there is to know about batteries and being truly invested in the industry. It’s your job to know your business and your customers.

Don was astonished with Grant. This business coach rediscovered why Interstate Batteries is such a great company when Grant went above and beyond for one customer. His service inspired Don to tell the world about the great experience, proving that Interstate lives up to his seven principles.

You can read all seven principles in Don’s full blog post here.

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Don Purdum
Don Purdum

Hi Cody,

WOW! Thank you so much for the acknowledgement and for sharing my article. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Grant was truly awesome and he epitomizes how great networking can make a difference when combined with great services and products.

Thanks again.

~ Don Purdum

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